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The Corona Economy & A Pandemic History

With The United States now leading the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, it leaves many wondering how we get to this point, and which direction could we be possibly headed into in the future? In this episode, Mike Riley digs into the history of pandemics and what lessons can be learned from them. Has something like this ever happened before and what have human beings done in order to battle it.

Also, Mike digs into what many are calling a slow and unserious approach by Donald Trump and his administration when it comes to the Coronavirus. Did Trump act too slowly and too relaxed to this pandemic and did it cost The United States lives?

Mike also gets into the economic fallout of this pandemic in full. Donald Trump and many of his followers are downplaying this incident as hysteria and want people to go back to work ASAP. Donald Trump has not even called for a national lockdown. But is it worth dying or getting sick in order to save the economy? Plus Mike talks about what is is the $2 Trillion stimulus package

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