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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

In this episode we speak with Asylum Seekers Relief Fund co-founder, Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy about the real experience those seeking asylum at the border face. Sophia has been traveling back and forth to provide much needed resources and services to those migrants who need it. We will also discuss her upcoming race for Democratic Party delegate for AD54.

We also go a little deeper into the government shutdown as it continues to go on without end in sight. Donald Trump is insisting that there is a crisis at the US Mexico border although the numbers do not reflect that. What is the true motivation behind the wall and is it linked to racism? Has racism evolved itself into a Red Baseball Cap and how is it's symbolism playing a part in the Trump movement?

We also talk about the state of the economy in the Shutdown plus Kamala Harris 2020? Michael Cohen and the Price of Drugs


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