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How impeachment stole christmas EP123

Welcome back to #TheUSAPodcast hosted by Mike Riley This is our annual Christmas episode so lets HO HO HO ourselves with an Impeachment in a pear tree! Yes! Tonight we talk about the impeachment of Donald J Trump which has formally taken place. Now what does this all mean? Will Trump be removed from office? Listen up as Mike explains the impeachment treatment and talks about how impeachment stole Christmas. Tonight we also talk about how Congress has finally passed an historic trade deal that could mean an end to NAFTA and usher in a new wave of economic growth, or could it? Listen as Mike breaks down the USMCA and tonight we also discuss the struggle that many Democratic candidates are having with the Black vote. Why is it such a struggle and is getting Donald Trump out of office good enough to get it? Follow on the social medias by visiting Around here we say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ;)!

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