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From LA to LA w/ Rob Anderson for Congress

Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District has been held by Republicans since 2011. But with many believing the time for a blue wave across the country is now, there are some who are fighting to flip this district from red to blue. One of those people is congressional candidate Rob Anderson. Rob Anderson is running as a Democrat to represent Louisiana's 3rd District in the US House. In this episode, we speak with him about why he believes it's time for this district to be represented by a Democrat, his stance on healthcare, gun legislation and his campaign. You can follow him by going to With Republicans and Democrats fighting to retain power and win seats in the House, the voices of the Independent can oftentimes be drowned out. However, many people are looking to hear from a voice going to Washington that is not taking a partisan side but an American side. That brings us to Tiffany Bond who is an Independent running to represent the State of Maine in the US House. We speak with her about why she has no party preference, what #MaineRaising is about and her plans for Maine if she ends up going to Washington. Follow her by going to Mike also goes over the election results from Super Tuesday! WTF actually happened and how did Joe Biden take such a lead? Plus, what happens to all of the delegates from the candidates who dropped out? What happens if there is a brokered convention? Mike also talks about the latest with the Corona Virus and how the case for Medicare for all can be made because of it.

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