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Criminal or Conspiracy

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Welcome back to #TheUSAPodcast. This week we welcome back comedian David Spanos to join in on the conversation.

Tonight we will discuss the case of criminal or conspiracy against Donald Trump. Is he right or is he going crazy? What do all the conspiracy theories and threats against political adversaries mean in a democracy such as this? What is the history of those who have handled things this way in the past (The only examples I could find were Richard Nixon and all of the old Roman Emperors!)?

In this econ segment we discuss what the hell the role of government in the economy is. Is it to protect profits and property or to protect life and invest in its citizens? What can the government do to relieve student loan debt and why are private industries a burden on the economy? We also talk embracing socialism and why democratic socialism is not anti-capitalist. We also touch on the new “NAFTA” deal that Trump is making with our North American neighbors! plus we talk Elections in Florida, and much more!!


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